Thursday, November 20, 2008

drill baby drill

4 hours
Not happy with the leading edge bend I decided to replace it.  After the decision to replace the right skin I promptly introduced stumbling stupidity to give the right skin some company... the left skin will also be replaced :(

After working on the trim tab I convinced myself that the end closure bend on the elevator was bad (it was not) and that I would be forced to adjust it for proper fitment... sadly my efforts rapidly lead to the unhappy decision to replace the left skin along with the right and I spent most of the evening drilling out rivets.
I placed an order with vans for new skins and stiffeners along with some miscellaneous stuff.   I will finish cleaning up the elevators in anticipation of replacing the skins and set it aside for a while moving on to the wings.

Looking back none of this skin replacement was needed but at the time you get quite worked up over the smallest things...

rivet after rivet after rivet...

one nice thing about drill out rivets... you get pretty good at it ;)
I was not happy with the leading edge join and decided to do it again... 
Elevator frame work ready for a new skin