Tuesday, November 18, 2008

your skin on my skin

4.5 hours
Completed the trailing edge of the rudder... nice!  I began final assembly of the left elevator and discovered that the right elevator has the tip skin incorrectly overlapping the body skin (it should be the other way around)... it will be a bugger to remove the skin to fix it.

Next i will work on the elevator trim and finish riveting the left elevator... and start to drill out the skin on the right elevator...

the skin should be on top ;)
getting ready to start double flush riveting the trailing edge of the rudder
the trailing edge of the rudder is pro sealed straight and gets double flush rivets to finish it off
fold overlap at the trim tab on the left elevator
the first fold looks pretty good... the trim tab is the tricky one though
left elevator framework getting riveted
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reinforcement and nut plate for one of the rod end bearings to pivot the elevator 
powder coated steel elevator horn
ready for the trim tab
bottom side of the left elevator