Thursday, October 30, 2008

an airplane shape

5.5 hours
Progress today started off slow but rapidly transitioned as parts became a frame and then got skinned.  It is amazing how rigid the structure becomes as it is assembled.  Next I will disassemble the parts, dimple the skins along with the underlying attachments to the ribs, spray a bit of primer on the few parts that are not alumaclad and then begin to rivet.
the horizontal stabilizer skin is quite thick.  this assembly was a lot of fun and very rewarding to complete.
an airplane shape!
laying out the parts for initial fit up 
the first skin gets clecoed on
lots of clecos to align everything 
very rigid as a structure
almost ready to take it all apart :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

horizontal stabilizer spars

5 hours
Completed the fabrication and assembly of the front and rear spars in the horizontal stabilizer.  Looking forward to preparing and fluting the ribs and fitting the skin.
it was really great putting the piles of specialty tools to use... time rocketed by as i made great progress today
putting a work bench to use putting the horizontal stabilizer main spar together
the workbench has a drill board on it and is covered with paper for taking notes
powder coated steel parts where strength is critical
rivet squeezer getting ready for first use
the FIRST rivets!
fitting parts
fabricating the trailing spar reinforcement angle from raw stock 
the final product 
now it gets drilled and fitted to the spar channel 
front and rear horizontal spars all fitted up
photo for the man

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the shop has transformed from wood to metal

1 hour
Began construction of the rear horizontal stabilizer spar with initial layout and shaping of the reinforcement bars.  The excitement of construction is self infecting... my goal is to maintain a level of anticipation for the next day at the shop that will not wane significantly.  I plan to spend time in the shop Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday with planning, review, and other life needs in-between.
nearly all of the woodworking is complete... i celebrated by starting construction on the rear spar
the shop is up and running! 
these lights are very versatile
very pleased with the benches and work areas
long reach dimpler
empennage plans
parts storage 

the shop!
love this air compressor

three benches complete

We made great progress setting up the shop this week.  Tomorrow we are off to Eugene Oregon for an introduction to RV construction at Synergy Air.
finally a quiet shop vacuum cleaner... what a concept!
Missy sanding legs
we had enough wood to make a nice desk
also made three of these stackable benches 
my Missy
getting pretty close to be able to start building!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

let's build another bench

Building in the shop this week has been a great joy!
another workbench complete

sturdy bench :)
first use of the air drill

Monday, October 13, 2008

building benches

Building things to build things... the load of wood packed into the mighty subaru was a quite a sight :)
28 2x4s and 4 sheets of 4x8 plywood cut up into tops along with trim and miscellaneous bits!
i hate sawdust
pretty nice bench Mrs. McDonough
table top
braces for shelf
ta da

Friday, October 3, 2008

moved into the shop

The space is fantastic.  It is more of a drive than ideal; finding rental space that allows workshop activity has been more difficult than anticipated.
whenever i move into empty space it is a bit depressing... the life is gone, even though the potential is filled with hope the emptiness is oppressive.  soon i will fill the space with life and action.
the shop
lucky number 21 :)
the biggest oiled compressor that I could get that plugs into a standard outlet