Thursday, November 27, 2008

gobble gobble!

5 hours
Focused on wing ribs.  Inventorying the batch and separating the main wing ribs for the left and right sides.  In each main wing section there are three different kinds of ribs that are oriented with the flanges inboard or outboard of the root to aide in accessing the structure during riveting... it can be a bit confusing unless particular care is taken.

I spent a a bit of time getting the replacement stiffeners for the elevator primed and finished dimpling the right skin.

Finished up the day on the access panels.

I was able to prep and prime a batch of ribs before the weather and sunlight turned... they sure look good.
a batch of finished wing ribs
quite a pile of ribs...
replacement stiffeners for the elevator skins ready for riveting
one rib at a time... square up the flanges, flute to straighten, debur everything, dimple, clean, prime...
the ribs are handed based on the flange direction and are made of thinner material the farther outboard
many more to go...
access panels for the wings
gobble, gobble!