Thursday, November 13, 2008

wings arrive and the shop is getting smaller

8.5 hours with my missy
We spent all morning finishing up the wing stand woodwork using the crating material from the wings.  After getting a bite and doing some Home Depot / Lowe's shopping we got back to work on the elevator.  I had hoped to proseal the trailing edge of the rudder but it will have to be done another day.
395 pounds of freight in two boxes were waiting with the fedex driver as we pulled up to the shop this morning!  lots of fun... just like christmas
inside the big wing box after all of the paper and small parts have been removed
the long box with lots of stock and the longerons
these wingtips will sit until the very end of the project...
there are parts and sub-kits all over the shop after unpacking the wing kit
pretty much every flat surface is in use holding parts
Missy setting up rivets to back rivet the stiffeners to an elevator
back riveting is fun and makes for a spectacular finish
electric trim servo reinforcement ring with attachment nutplates
It is hard to see here, but I forgot to dimple the holes for the screws before riveting the nutplates... later I countersunk them and it all worked out fine.

the rivets are all taped in... just make sure to place a stiffener before riveting ;)
wing stands with the end gussets cut from the wing crate
this little heater kept us going through the cold winters during construction in the shop and hangar...
we still use it at the hangar today! 
an elevator with all of the stiffeners in place... still needs some RTV (silicone) at the trail where the stiffeners nearly touch to help eliminate an future cracking of the skin
Missy clecoing an elevator frame
we built both elevators at the same time 
photo for the man... plans, work gloves, sharpie...
elevator counter balance assemblies