Tuesday, November 11, 2008

completing the rudder

7.5 hours with my missy
Shorter construction time at the shop than I hoped for... we spent a bit of time gathering materials to construct mobile wing stands.  The wing kit will arrive Wednesday or Thursday; two 200 pound boxes of fun!  The rudder was quite interesting in the many new fabrication and assembly techniques that are needed.  Rolling the leading edge turned out good... much better than the small practice kit that we completed at synergy air.
rolling the leading edge is quite stressful but it came out great doing one section at a time
the mighty Subaru hauling wood to build wing stands
rudder framework riveted up
Missy getting the rudder skins ready to rivet 
action shot for the man
tasty apple there boss!
rudder lead counter weight inside the cap
rudder cap with lead counter weight 
squeezing rivets on the rudder
just about ready to start rolling the leading edge
tight rivet access... using a tooth from a backhoe bucket and a back rivet plate 
indirect back riveting... a great method learned from our class at Synergy air
the trailing edge join of the rudder... tricky to keep straight durning construction
the moment of excitement... bending the leading edge :)
completed roll ready for pull rivets in the foreground 
fun doing this together
I used a piece of stiff angle to hold the wedge straight... pro seal will hold it together for riveting later