Sunday, November 23, 2008

fabrication of the tie down anchors

6.5 hours
Fabricated the tie down anchors and finished with the priming of the countersinks on the main wing spars and began the layout of the rear spars.  Tapping the anchors for the tie down was neat.
while it does not look like much there is a significant amount of detail and effort to finish the tie down attachments
tapping threads for the tie down anchors
setting up a hole saw for lightening aluminum... 
cutting spacers with lightening holes... every ounce counts :)
rough pieces 
finished stock ready for fitting to the tie down brackets
drilled up 
these get bolted to the spar to receive tie down brackets for the plane
made up some aluminum jaw plates for the vice... later switched out to some deep aluminum angle
tie down anchor in place... tapped side on the bottom
all of the countersink work on the spar primed up
adding the first brackets for linking the control sticks
looking ahead to the rear spars