Sunday, November 2, 2008

vertical stabilizer

6 hours
I spent too much time working with wood and the resulting dust...  I made a back riveting board from leftover table top by routing out space for the steel plate to inset, then put some screen trim on the edge and rubbed on a coat of shellac, cleaned up and got back to business with the plane.
even knowing it is aluminum, and an airplane part... it is still surpassingly light for its size
fitting the framework together
finished horizontal stabilizer hung with great care :) 
here is my back riveting board and plate that I made with leftovers from bench building 
getting all of the parts together for the vertical stabilizer
starting to fit up the reinforcement plate 
fluting pliers with a couple of flutes on the rib to bring the flange flat
looking like a part... after drilling (reaming) all of the pieces it all comes apart
vertical stabilizer skin freshly dimpled 
all of the vertical stabilizer structure ready for final assembly