Tuesday, November 25, 2008

rear wing spars

4.5 hours
A good shop day.  I finished the fabrication of the rear wing spars and primed up the left one.  Tough on painting when it is cold and wet but the self etching Sherwin Williams 988 GWP appears to be generally indifferent to the weather.
the wings for the -7 are the same as the -8 with only a few modifications... here is one for the rear spars.  i clecoed them all together to make a rough cut with a hack saw and finished the trim with the bench sander and scotchbright wheels.
rear spar doubler plates need to be cut down a bit to accommodate the wider fuselage of the -7 versus the -8
aileron hinge reinforcement doubler with a pass-through for the aileron push tube 
fitting spar reinforcement plates
ready for priming
the mask works very well... no smell :)
priming... sure smells without a mask
I removed the paper over covering the drill board on this bench... what's this?
hidden alien artwork by my Missy!
ready for priming
now ready to rivet