Saturday, November 8, 2008

bring on the girl power

7 hours with my missy
The mighty subaru overheated on the way to the shop... fortunately we were close enough to drop it off and continue with the day working on the plane.  A new water pump and the Subaru is happy again.

We finished up the vertical stabilizer and began the rudder assembly. there was raw fabrication with the stiffeners and a shim for the spar that was neat. back riveting together was fun.
picked up a respirator put it to use... very nice.

I was a bit concerned about the potential for damage of the thin skins in removing the protective film; after reading about a method to peal it off with a wooden dowel on the internet we gave it a try and it works great!
my helper loves to back rivet!
my Missy helping to get ready for some back riveting on the rudder
stiffener stock is from some light weight bent angle
love this buffer with a couple of scotch brite wheels for deburring
laying out the stiffeners
Missy making dimples ;)
parts on the wall!
Missy dimpling away
lots of stiffeners
rudder stiffeners ready for priming
easy way to remove the plastic coating on sheet aluminum
shot for the man... I look awfully thin and tired and I need a haircut! 
ta da shot of one side of the rudder