Sunday, November 30, 2008

seeing double double

8 hours

Finished up the rib preparation on the right wing... it takes quite an effort to get a rib ready to hang, and there are 28 of them!  The conduit from vans needs a 13/16 hole and my unibit only went to 3/4 so I had to pick up a larger one at Lowe's; these are pretty pricy and I wish I had started with a #4.

Update - I may be able to make the 3/4 work with a bit of effort in manipulating the plastic conduit through... works!

I spent an hour getting the left elevator back riveted and hope to finish it up this week.

both wings are ready for the next step
priming prep for the last batch of ribs
the computer designed and machined kits, skins and ribs are a perfect match and you can often go right to dimpling 
left elevator skin round two 
all the ribs are DONE!
two wings! 
I am really ready to have this elevator behind me...