Saturday, November 22, 2008

wing spar

10.5 hours

A great day at the shop!  I spent some time first thing rigging up the rudder to the vertical stabilizer and getting the elevators prepared for the skins.

I forgot my camera today and had to make due with my iPhone... pretty good images for web but far short of the usual detail from a dedicated camera.

Then on to the wings.  The first step is to prepare the spars for attachment of the tanks and inspection plates with nut plates.  These are all flush mounted and require three counter sinks for each, one for the screw and nut plate and two for the attachment rivets.

an enormous amount of countersinking on the wing spars to anchor the tanks.

the golden beauty of the main wing spar with many attachment points for the tanks 
I attached the rudder to the vertical stabilizer and adjusted the rod end bearings 
a sad scene... skinless elevators... I set these aside for a bit awaiting replacement skins
more parts on the wall :)
countersinking for nutplates... the tape is to keep the shavings out of the join
lots of shavings when making countersinks
nutplates to attach the tank eventually