Saturday, November 1, 2008

many many holes to fill with rivets

13.5 hours
Wow, today was a big day at the shop... a hole day of focused work and the metal work for the horizontal stabilizer is complete.  After fabrication and fitting everything it all gets taken apart and deburred, dimpled, primed, and then strategically reassembled so that rivets can be reached.  Pretty cool.
these flush rivets are in the field of the skin and driven with a flush set in the gun with one hand while reaching into the structure and holding a bucking bar to form a shop head.  the ware marks are from setting the rivet and buff right out as part of painting prep... much later
flush riveting the skins
lots of part preparation... deburring, fluting, dimpling, priming...
squeezer in action dimpling a rib that supports the skin
a long reach dimpler for the skins
skin dimpling action shot
all of the parts are now ready for assembly and riveting 
mirror shot for the man 
universal head rivets on the trailing spar elevator hinge brackets
horizontal stabilizer trailing spar 
flush riveting the skins
ta da <grin>