Saturday, December 20, 2008


8 hours

The tanks continue.  All basic preparation of both tank structures is complete.  I fabricated the internal stiffeners and disassembled the left tank to prepare the inboard rib for fittings and riveted the access plate reinforcement plate.

Nearly ready to bring out the pro seal.  the inboard tank access panel gets sealed with a cork gasket rather than pro seal.

getting the fly cutter set up for the first time
tank stiffeners
cutting the angle for rough pieces
a pile of tank stiffeners 
cleaned up and sorted tank stiffeners 
fitting the tank for final match drilling
using a #40 reamer to match drill the tank skins to the ribs 
fitting the tank access panel to the inboard tank rib
inboard tank rib for the left wing with the access plate, reinforcement ring, and plate nuts installed
tank filler flange and fuel cap
The tank filler flange has a rental bend to it to conform to the curve of the tank, the orientation of the curve is marked with a sharpie in the photo.