Tuesday, December 16, 2008

fitting the tanks to the spar and leading edge

5 hours

Fitting the tanks involves quite a bit of match drilling to ensure a tight fit to the leading edge and spar. much of the complexity of the tank is from its removability from the main wing structure... hopefully this feature will not prove to be a necessity.

Fitting the tanks requires an enormous batch of free clecos... I am continuously removing clecos from the wings to use on the tanks... even with 500 I could use another 200...

Z brackets setup for fitting to the tank baffle 
outboard tank Z bracket on right 
fitting the leading edge and tank to set the Z brackets behind the tank baffle
first, drill the inboard Z channel to the tank rib
next, remove the leading edge and drill the outboard Z channel to the tank rib 
remove the tank from the end ribs leaving the baffle attached
finally, match drill the tank baffle to the Z brackets attached to the spar underneath
put it all back together to fit the leading edge to tank join plate
very important to pull everything tight to get a nice uniform join line
leading edge to tank join line
this came out great :)
left wing fitted up 
the rear baffle rivets need to be countersunk to let the baffle easily slide in with pro seal to close the tank