Sunday, December 21, 2008

proseal begins

7 hours

I finished all of the tank preparation on the left tank, deburring, dimpling, scuffing, cleaning, more cleaning with MEK, and set everything up to begin sealing all rivet penetrations and attachments with proseal.

The homemade balance worked okay but it is very awkward scooping the muck into cups on the long balance arms without spilling out.

I must have gone through 20+ gloves in mixing, frosting parts, forming fillets, coating rivet heads and so on.  Lots of MEK to clean parts prior to using proseal and after to get it off of tools and anything that it comes close to... proseal will stick and string to everything!

proseal is fun... ha!  mixing the two parts to a 10 to 1 ratio is quite a bugger with a home made balance... I need to retreive my digital scale.

the mess from my first proseal session 
deburring holes with a long reach extension.
just a firm half turn with the three flutes to knock off any burrs on the hole before dimpling
my two primary tools for duburring small holes
in the driver is a single flute bit 
fitting up the fuel cap flange with the cap
the small clip will hold the end of the vent line at the tank high point
on the underside of the tank is the drain flange and fitting
getting ready to scrub and clean for proseal
all contact points for proseal are scrubbed and cleaned vigorously
mixed proseal with rivets soaking in MEK ready to start buttering the pieces and riveting together
with proseal, every rivet is sealed and all contact points are carefully filleted smooth

fill flange from inside the tank
finished tank filler flange