Friday, December 26, 2008

back on track

9 hours
A very good shop day.  I picked up some more rags, regrouped and cleaned for a fresh start.  I sanded down some high rivets at the tank fill flange... very nice, cleaned proseal and began final preparations of the right tank for the first proseal session.

By the end of the day the left tank is only lacking the inboard rib and baffle and the right tank is ready for a rib proseal session.  Tomorrow I plan to knock out two proseal sessions to bring the right tank to the same status and rivet the last rib in the left tank.  At that point I should have a clear idea if I will need more proseal for the baffles.

So far I have done all of my proseal spreading, dabbing, and filet work with different ‘popsicle’ sticks; for the flange this may not work out, I will experiment with squeezing through a freezer baggie.

The right tank is ready to go into the jig for final rib assembly.

right tank skin prepping for proseal
bring on the proseal! 
starting to like the smell... 
tank ghost...
proseal madness!
stiffeners buttered with proseal and clecoed in position for riveting
filler flange riveted and dressed with proseal
tank drain ready for proseal to encapsulate the rivets