Thursday, December 4, 2008

very nearly finished with the elevator

5 hours

The left elevator and trim tab is filled with detail... although I have been able to catch and correct a number of missteps, I am a bit frustrated with the number of stumbles that I have had in completing it, and it is not yet finished...

I had hoped to finish today but ran out of shop time.  Next I will bend the leading edge and fit both elevators to the horizontal stabilizer and get back to the wings.

the trim tab is finished, attached, and rigged up to the elevator

the trim tab!
trim tab hinge on the elevator 
trim tab mated up to the left elevator 
the hinge pin is temporary and will be replaced with a longer one safety wired to the structure later
trim tab servo arm and wiring pulled out for testing to set the arm length
trim tab servo and access panel
it sure was a lot of work on this piece 
the trim tab nicely fits with the rest of the elevator
very pleased with the gap... the first skin would have worked fine though...