Saturday, December 27, 2008

right tank catch up

6 hours
I picked up a set of crows feet to torque the aluminum pipe fittings in the tank and put them to use on the left tank, then moved on to the right tank and set all of the interior ribs in two proseal sessions.

Measuring proseal is much simpler and far less messy when using an actual scale rather than my make shift 10 to 1 balance.

crows feet and a torque wrench... whoo hoo!
riveting the anti-rotation bracket is a bit tricky since the torqued fitting and fuel pickup tube need to be in place when setting the rivet... at least i could not figure an alternative.

this simple working jig was very helpful
outboard end rib and fuel access panel

anti-rotation bracket for the fuel pick-up
fresh rivets and a ghostly reflection 
measure pro seal with a real scale ;) 
just about ready for the baffle