Sunday, December 14, 2008

moving on to the fuel tanks

7.5 hours
It snowed today... it is good to have the mighty subaru back in action.

I began the day working on a few pick up issues with the leading edge including drilling out the tie down holes and then moved on to the fuel tanks.

The anchor brackets that allow for the removal of the tank require quite a bit of fabrication and in-assembly drilling for a perfect tight fit of the tank.  I ended the day priming the attachment brackets for the left tank and will attach the tank next... lots to do before it is attached for riveting...

The fuel tanks take an enormous effort to cleco together... the skins are thick and there is a significant amount of grunt required to get everything fitted... lots of work to make them ready for fuel.

Locating a blind hole can be tricky but if there is good access it is easy to use some crossing reference lines that can be transferred back; works great!
tie down ring in the leading edge skin
tie down anchor attached to the main spar within the leading edge
leading edges ready for fitting the tank join
beginning to fit the tank ribs to the thick tank skin
outer most bay of the tank with filler hole
clecoing at the nose, I used the jig to help finesse the skins into place
a little tool modification for riveting the Z brackets that attach the rear baffle of the tank at the ribs to the main spar
ready to bend the tank skin to match drill with the ribs
lots of clecos to get a close fit
attaching the outboard tank Z bracket anchors to the spar
adding the rear baffle
Z tank brackets ready for fitting to the tank and spar